Food is the fuel of our body just like petrol or diesel for engines. Food is any edible substance that is generally consumed to nourish ourselves. It is one of the four necessities of life, the other three being clothing, water and shelter.

Why is food, a source of life?

  • The sources of food are various ranging from plant, fungus, algae to fish and higher animals too.
  • The materialistic and cultural evidences of storage of food dates back to 12,000 BC, the earliest being the drying and dehydration techniques.
  • In majority of the cultures, food is a must while celebrating happy moments with near and dear ones by arranging dinners, lunches, tea parties etc.,
  • The provision of food is not just a gesture of celebration, but a binding element to keep the kith and kin together, being a source of life.
  • It has become an integral part of human evolution.

Food and Nutrition:

Food – A Source Of Life

  • The basic building blocks of human body are cells, and they are made of variety of amino acids in turn forming proteins.
  • A protein rich diet is essential to maintain the overall health of the body.
  • A wholesome diet includes both macro and micro nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, salts, amino acids etc.,
  • In order for nutrients to be absorbed by the body, the digestive process has to be proper and that is aided by gut bacteria.
  • Based on particular region’s climate, food is chosen based on availability. For instance, Rice is staple food for South Indians, Tapioca for Africans, Wheat for Europeans etc.,
  • A child to grow properly, a well- balanced nutritious diet is necessary and that is found from the above discussed points.

Food, an emotion:

  • Continental, exotic, oriental, regional, authentic etc., are simply other forms and names of food but in emotion they all represent the same.
  • Hostel food can never match with mom made home food. It is not only about taste but the feeling of love and warmth in the food is only felt when it is home made.
  • For us Spices and Rice is an emotion, whereas for Italians Pasta may be an emotion.

Food is just not for survival but it is the lifeline connecting people of all cultures across the globe. It is a celebration. Junk food is a slow poison and so the need of the hour is more awareness on healthy and nutritious food for all.