Trip To Russia: Places To Visit, Best Seasons, And Russian Visa

Russia is no doubt a beautiful place to visit. Being the largest country in the world, it is rich in culture, history, food, heritage, etc. If one is planning to Russia,  it is crucial to have a decided itinerary that will help explore some of the best places without any chances of missing out. Here is a guide to what one should do, the time they should visit, and details about Russian visa.

Things to do in Russia

Here are some of the things that one can do while visiting Russia:

  1. State hermitage museum in St. Petersburgh

This is the largest museum in the world with around 3 million art and artifacts from different parts of the world. Some of them are on display while others are not. There are around 360 rooms with 6 prehistoric buildings within the complex.

  1. Moscow Kremlin

This is one of the biggest and most magnificent structures in Russia. This serves to be the president’s residence and formerly was the seat of dukes in Russia. The red brick structure is expansive and has a rich history to be told. Kremlin is situated near the banks of the Moskva river in Moscow.


  1. Basil’s Cathedral

Based in Moscow, St. Basil’s Cathedral was formerly called an intercession church. It was commissioned by Ivan the terrible and was completed in 1561. It is a beautiful structure that is known for its 9 onion-shaped domes and colorful pillars. This structure is a gem that stands proudly in the red square of Moscow and is must visit attraction in Russia.

  1. Peter and Paul Fortress

If one is traveling to St. Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress is a must-visit. It is a riverfront cathedral that is star-shaped and yellow in color giving a beautiful view of the Zayachy Island shoreline. This structure was built in 1703 by peter the great and  since then has served as a political prison, fortress and burial site for royals.

  1. Red Square

Lastly, one should not forget about visiting the famous UNESCO heritage Red Square of Moscow. There is no way one can miss taking an evening stroll through Red Square. It is surrounded by some biggest and most significant buildings in Russia.

Several countries are allowed to get eVisa for their 8-day or less visit in some of the regions of the country. One should talk to visa experts before applying for any type of visa to have a better understanding of what documents are required, procedures and fees, etc.