Shopping- A true stress buster

Does shopping almost every alternative day make you a true shopaholic? If yes, then I should consider myself as one too. Working every single day and living a mundane life make things dull for me. And so to fill myself with some excitement, I go shopping. I go to this specific place which sells cheap clothes but with good quality nearby to my place.

Whenever I shop I get so engrossed in it. My phone automatically gets away from my eyes. It feels like I’m going on a treasure hunt. A search for new outfits. The ones that match my style and my taste. Clothes that go along with my skin tone or any new occasion. I hugely look for trendy clothes so that I am up to date. Shopping makes me feel like I am releasing a huge part of the stress ball from my head. I immediately feel relieved seeing new dresses, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, jeans, etc. The new colors in the market bring a new freshness to me. There are days when I feel very low, on those days I just go through my wardrobe and fix all my clothes. I love doing that. I get to know which outfit needs to get a replacement with it.

My friends and family often ask me if I’ve ever repeated any clothes. But I like repeating my clothes at times. It all depends on my mood. There are days when my sister or friends take me to shop because they think that my sense of fashion is good. And I do agree with them to a certain extent. But honestly, I think that shopping is all about busting the accumulated stress in your life.


 Sometimes even window shopping might help as-

  • Browsing through expensive stuff can make you feel motivated to collect some money and come back later.
  • It can change your sense of fashion.
  • It can be good refreshment.
  • Can make you feel stupendous.

Shopping does change my entire mood. When I come home from it and try my new clothes it brightens up my day. I feel confident when I like what I am wearing. And so I shop without giving it a second thought. I even thought of opening my store someday as all I do is shop. And maybe I might do it someday. Until then let’s just shop and fill up our wardrobes.